Script Pane

Enables you to edit a specific script that is part of a package.

To access Click a specific script in the Resources pane.
Important Information

The script pane title bar includes the actual physical location of the script. For example, the following script is located in


(or probeGateway\discoveryConfigFiles/AMAdapter/META-INF)

See also Adapter Development and Writing

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element (A–Z) Description
Find text. Enables you to find specific text in the script definition. For details, see Find Text Dialog Box.
Go to line. Enables you to jump to a specific line in the script definition. In the Go To Line dialog box, enter the line number, and press Enter.

Open External Editor. Opens the script definition in an external text editor.

Prerequisite: Click the Edit the External Editor Preferences button to define the path to an external editor. If no external editor path is defined, you will be prompted to provide one when you try to open the external editor.

Edit the External Editor Preferences. Click to edit the external editor preferences. You can run the editor by adding flags to the path.

Note You cannot specify the file name. Instead, you can use flags relevant to your external editor to retrieve the file name, such as :file.

In the following example, :file sets the place of the file in relation to the flags.

If no flags are defined, the file name is automatically added to the end of the path.

Switch Editor Mode. Enables you to switch between the default advanced editor and a simple text editor.

Open Mapping Tool. Enables you to open the new mapping tool window. See Mapping Tool Editor Window.

Note: This icon is available for adapter mapping configuration files only.

See Validation Information.

Note This button is displayed when a script contains Framework API errors.

<script definition> The Jython script used by the package. For details on working with Jython, see Create Jython Code.
Validation Information

Displays if the script definition is valid or not:

  • . For Jython files, indicates that the script definition is valid.
  • . For Jython files, indicates that the script definition is not valid, and displays the errors in the script.

    For example:

    Script has failed validation.

    At line 48: Factory.getProtocolProperty( found. This is a problem - Usage of Factory is deprecated. Use Framework.getProtocolProperty instead.

    Click , then OK to update the script.

    The error may occur due to changes in the Framework object's API. For details, see the Universal CMDB Developer Reference Guide.

  • . For Jython files, indicates that the script definition could not be validated.

    Note This may occur due to an internal error while performing the validation. This does not, under any circumstances, harm the process of saving your definition to the server. See %temp%\UcmdbLog\error.log for details. For further assistance, contact Support.