Global Filtering Dialog Box

Global filtering enables you to filter Probe results for all adapters, so that only results of interest to you are sent to the UCMDB Server.

To access

In Adapter Management, do the following:

  1. In the Resources tree, expand the DDMiInfra node and then expand the Configuration Files node.
  2. Right-click GlobalFiltering.xml and select Open in Frame.
Important Information Before creating a filter, perform an analysis on what information you want to filter and what data elements contains the information you want to filter.
Relevant tasks Configure Filtering in UCMDB
See also

Configuration Items (CIs)

Configure Filtering Using the globalFiltering.xml File

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description

Select CI. Opens the Select CI dialog box, enabling you to select a UCMDB CI.

Available when: Include or Exclude is selected in the left pane.

Select an Attribute. Opens the Select an Attribute dialog box, enabling you to add a filter to an attribute for the selected UCMDB CI.

  • Attribute. Select an attribute from the drop down list.
  • Display Label. Name of the attribute.
  • Type. Data type of the attribute as it appears in the CI Type Manager. For more information, see CI Type Manager.
Enables you to delete the selected UCMDB CI or the attribute.