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How to Change the Data Flow Probe Port

This task describes how to change a Data Flow Probe's port number.

  1. Stop the Probe. For details, see How to Stop a Data Flow Probe.

  2. Update the Probe's port property.

    1. Open the file, located in:

      • Windows: C:\UCMDB\Data Flow Probe\conf
      • Linux: /opt/UCMDB/Data Flow Probe/conf
    2. Open the file located in the same folder.

    3. Copy the following property from to (if not exist), and set the new port number in

      • If HTTP communication is configured: serverPort

      • If HTTPS communication (SSL) is configured: serverPortHttps

      For more details about these properties, see Parameters.

      Note Starting with version 10.33, if you want to edit or update any property in the file, if the property also exists in the file, highly recommends you to make sure the property is updated in both files to keep consistency.

  3. Clear the data from the Probe.

    Note The clearProbeData script resets the Data Flow Probe's DB schemas and file system state. After running this script the Data Flow Probe re-sends all discovered data to UCMDB. This could potentially create a significant load on the UCMDB Server.

    For details, see How to Clear Data Flow Probe Data.

  4. Restart the Probe. For details, see How to Start a Data Flow Probe.