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Using HTTPS Port 8453 as Default for Data Flow Probe

To provide secure access to the Data Flow Probe JMX console, for fresh installed Probes, by default the jettyHttpsEnabled setting in the Probe configuration file is true and the HTTPS port 8453 (jettyGtwHttpsPort) is used for the Probe server, with the HTTP port 1977 being disabled.

To access the Probe JMX console, on the probe machine, launch the Web browser and enter the following address: https://localhost:8453. For more information about accessing probe JMX console, see Introduction in the Universal CMDB JMX Reference Guide.


  • For off-site scan file saving, only the HTTPS port 8453 can be used. If you want to use HTTP port 1977 for scan files saving, set jettyHttpsEnabled to false.
  • For probes and Integration Service upgraded from a previous version, your custom settings are retained. This default port change only applies to fresh installed probes of version 10.31 (or later).

  • Separate mode probes (whether in FIPS mode or not) do not support HTTPS communication. You need to set jettyHttpsEnabled to false after installing probes in separate mode.