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How to Deploy a Data Flow Probe CUP

This task describes how to deploy a cumulative update package (CUP) for Data Flow Probes (Windows/Linux) connected to UCMDB.


To deploy a Data Flow Probe CUP on all the connected Data Flow Probes:

  1. In Data Flow Management, go to the Data Flow Probe Setup module.

  2. Click the Deploy Probe Update button.

  3. Select a CUP version to deploy, and click OK.

  4. Linux only:

    1. Extract the upgrade package by running:


    2. Restart the Data Flow Probe.
  5. Windows Probe only: Verify that the Probes is connected and that the Probe version is updated: Go to Data Flow Management > Data Flow Probe Setup, and select the domain. For details, see <Domain> Details Pane.


  • During the CUP deployment process, all compatible Data Flow Probes are automatically restarted. If an integration is running on a Data Flow Probe while it is restarting, the integration stops running, and starts over when the Data Flow Probe restarts. If an integration is almost finished running, or a significant part has already run, to avoid starting the integration over, we recommend letting it complete its run, and, thereafter, updating the CUP.

  • To undeploy a Data Flow Probe CUP for the purpose of aligning the CUP version with the UCMDB Server's CUP version, see How to Align the Data Flow Probe CUP with the UCMDB Server CUP.

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