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How to Configure the Data Flow Probe to Automatically Delete CIs

This task explains how to configure a job so that CI instances of specific CITs are automatically deleted.

  1. Select the CIs to be deleted

    1. Select an adapter.

    2. In the Adapter Configuration tab > Results Management pane, select Enable Automatic Deletion and in the adjacent drop-down box, select when to enable automatic deletion: Always, On Success or Warnings, or Only on Success.

      Caution The Automatic Deletion feature works for discovery jobs only, not for integration. The enhancements implemented to the AM integration auto deletion feature are not for all use cases. So make sure you disable auto deletion for integration, otherwise it may break the integration logic.

    3. In the Automatic Deletion box, click .

    4. In the Choose Discovered Class dialog box that opens, select CITs for deletion. For details, see Choose Discovered Class Dialog Box.

    5. In the Automatic Deletion box, go to the Deletion Method column and select the deletion method for the CIT: Auto Delete or Candidate for Deletion. For details about the deletion methods, see Automatically Deleted CIs and Relationships and Candidates for Deletion CIs.

    6. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

  2. Results

    To view the deleted CIs, access the Deleted column in the Discovery Results pane. For details, see Discovery Results Tab/Pane.