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How to Uninstall Probe CUPs Manually

This task describes how to uninstall a Data Flow Probe CUP that was deployed manually. This can be done using manual methods only.

To uninstall a Probe CUP manually:

  1. Stop the Probe.

  2. Copy ${PROBE_INSTALL}\UninstallCUP\CUP_NUMBER\ probeUninstallCup<CUP_number>.zip to the ${PROBE_INSTALL}\runtime\upgrade\ directory.

  3. From the command prompt, navigate to the ${PROBE_INSTALL}\tools\upgrade\ directory.

  4. Run:

    • Windows: extractUpgradePackage.bat
    • Linux:
  5. Ensure that the CUP resource was removed from UCMDB so that it is not deployed again:

    1. In Administration > Package Manager, select the probeUpdate package, and click Undeploy Resources .

    2. In the Undeploy Package Resources dialog box that opens, if the CUP resource is displayed, select it.

    3. Click Next and then Finish.

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