Inventory Tools

The Inventory Tools enable you to view and analyze scan file data.

Note These tools are installed using the Data Flow Probe Installer program. They are installed together with the Data Flow Probe. However, it is recommended to install them on a separate computer to prevent performance degradation on the Data Flow Probe, and also to prevent data corruption of the SAI files. For more information on installing Inventory Tools, see the section that describes installing Data Flow Probes in the interactive Universal CMDB Deployment Guide.

To install them separately, run the Data Flow Probe Installer program and select the Inventory Tools type installation. For details about supported platforms, see the Universal CMDB Support Matrix document.

To start the tools (on Windows), click Start > All Programs > UCMDB > Inventory Tools.

When the Inventory Tools are installed on your Windows computer, you can view the help documentation for the tools by clicking the Help menu option of the Inventory Tool. Users of all platforms that have Adobe Reader installed on the computer can also view the help documentation by clicking Start > All Programs > UCMDB > Inventory Tools.

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