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How to Set Up Asset Fields for Data Collection - Example

This example describes how to set up a Combination type asset field.

Combination fields can combine up to five asset or hardware fields into a single field. This is particularly useful for the Description field.

In this example, the field combines the first and last names of an employee, and the department he works for, into one field, with the following format

<First name> <Last Name> - <Department>

  1. In the Scanner Generator wizard, go to the Asset Data page > Asset Data tab.

  2. Select Description, and click Edit Field .

  3. Configure the asset field as described in Asset Field Configuration Dialog Box.

    1. In the Caption field, type Employee.

    2. Select a field data type: Under Derived Fields, select Combination Field.

    3. Next to the Parameter box, click Change to define parameters for the combination field.

  4. Build the master substitution string to yield the desired format. In the Master Substitution String field, enter

    %1 %2 - %3

  5. Select the asset fields that you want to appear in the resulting field.

    In the Fields tree:

    1. Under Asset Data, double-click Department.

    2. Under Asset Data, double-click First Name.

    3. Under Asset Data, double-click Last Name.

  6. To display Department after the name, in the Definitions grid, drag Department down to the third place in the list.

    The numbers in the Definitions grid correspond to the numbers in the Master Substitution String field. So:

    • %1 will be replaced with First Name (#1 in the grid)

    • %2 will be replaced with Last Name (#2 in the grid)

    • %3 will be replaced with Department (#3 in the grid)


If the first name is John, the last name is Doe, and the department he works in is Research and Development, the resulting combination field string will be:

John Doe - Research and Development

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