XML Enricher

The XML Enricher is a process that runs in the background and automatically adds application data to scan files. This process is called scan file enrichment. It works as follows:

  1. The XML Enricher looks for new scan files (xsf or dsf format) in the Incoming directory.

  2. If a file is found, it processes the file using SAI (Software Application Index) application recognition.

  3. Information about recognized applications is added to the file data and separate <applicationdata>, <applicationusage>, and <users> sections are added to the XML file.

  4. Two types of enriched scan files are created:

    • In the Processed directory complete enriched files are stored. They contain the complete scan file information enriched with the application recognition and software utilization data. The Inventory tools (the Viewer, the Analysis Workbench, and the SAI Editor) can make use of the files in the Processed directory for analysis and application teaching. To prevent locking of the scan files in the Processed directory, and to reduce the load on the computer running the Data Flow Probe, it is recommended to copy these files to the Universal Discovery Administrator’s desktop where Inventory Tools are installed.

    • In the ProcessedCore directory, the core enriched files are created. These files do not contain the information about stored files. Additionally, the files do not contain information about file and directory data. Therefore, they are much smaller than the fully enriched files. The core enriched files are used internally by the InventoryDiscovery adapter to process the scan file information and convert it to the UCMDB CI and relationship data.

The XML Enricher can also be used to re-enrich scan files that were enriched previously. This can be useful after applying a significant update to the SAIs.

For information about setting up the XML Enricher to optimize performance, see How to Configure the Maximum Number of Threads to Process Scan Files and How to Configure XML Enricher to Suit the Probe Deployment Mode.

For information about setting up software recognition options, see XML Enricher: Software Recognition Configuration Dialog Box.

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