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How to Set Up Asset Fields for Data Collection

This task describes how to set up the asset data fields to be collected by the Scanner Generator.

For an example on how to set up a Combination type asset field, see How to Set Up Asset Fields for Data Collection - Example.

Note It is strongly recommended that Description and Asset Tag fields are included in your list of asset fields.

  1. In the Scanner Generator wizard, go to the Asset Data page > Asset Data tab.
  2. Click Create New Field . The Choose Field dialog box opens, showing all standard fields not currently in use by the scanner. For a full list of asset fields, see Asset Fields.

  3. Select a field and click OK.

  4. Configure the asset field:

    1. On the Asset Data tab, select the field you just added, and click Edit Field .

    2. Configure the asset field as described in Asset Field Configuration Dialog Box.

      1. Define a caption for field and determine the maximum length.

      2. Select the type of field.

      3. Next to the Parameter box, click Change to define parameters for the field. For details about the parameter options, see Asset Field Parameters.

  5. Consider the order of the asset fields as they appear in the Asset Fields list, and correct their order where necessary.

    Important: A field cannot depend on a field that is placed below it in the Asset Fields list. That is, if you have set up any derived or automatic fields that require data from fields below them in the list, you must move them to a position in the list that is above these fields.

    To correct the order of the fields, select and drag a row to the desired location in the list.

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