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XML Enricher Directory Structure

The XML Enricher uses a directory structure on the Data Flow Probe computer under the probe's installation directory. By default, the root of this directory structure is:


The following table shows various directories that are used by the XML Enricher.

Directory Explanation
Scans The base directory.
Scans\Failed The base failure directory. Failed scans are moved to a subdirectory of this one.
Scans\Failed\Corrupt Scans that cannot be read or may not be scan files are moved here.
Scans\Failed\Delta If the original scan file is missing or there is an error applying the delta scan file to the original one, then those delta scan files will be moved here.
Scans\Failed\Error When any other error occurs, scan files are moved here.
Scans\Incoming The incoming directory. The Enricher looks for new scan files here.
Scans\Logs Stores the log files. Manual deployment Scanners may save the log into the off-site location.
Scans\Original This folder is used for delta scanning. It stores copies of original scan files, which are then used in conjunction with delta scan files to recreate the new version of the scan file.
Scans\Processed The processed directory. Enriched scan files are created here.
Scans\Processed\[user defined]

You can group the scan files based on Hardware fields. This is user-defined. Define the setting as follows:

  • Go to Inventory Discovery by Scanner job > Properties > Global Configuration Files

  • Select EnricherServiceSettings.ini

  • Click the button

    The XML Enricher Configuration dialog is displayed

  • On the General tab, use the Scan File Management part

See Scan File Management.

Scans\ProcessedCore Stores the processed core files.
Scans\Sending The Inventory Discovery job moves the new processed core files here for further processing.
Scans\Temp This is where the XML Enricher stores its temporary files.

The following flowchart shows how the enrichment process works for XSF and delta (DSF) scan files.

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