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Web Server Configuration for Saving Scan Files via HTTP

Apache and IIS Web Servers

The Web Server needs to be configured to allow execution of the PUT command. Usually, by default web servers are set to enable POST and GET commands. You will need to ensure that if you are using HTTP saving that the PUT command is enabled in the directory.

The following is a quick description of what you would have to enable for HTTP saving on both Apache and IIS:

Apache 1.3

If you are using basic authentication, do the following:

  1. In the bin directory run:

    htpasswd -c "<path>\htpass" Username

  2. Enter the following in the htaccess file of the directory that you intend to save in:

    PUT_EnablePut On

    PUT_EnableDelete Off

    AuthType Basic

    AuthName "Write" AuthUserFile "<path>\htpass"

    Require user Username

  3. Download the file and put it into the modules directory.

  4. Enter the following into the httpd.conf file:

    LoadModule put_module modules/

Apache 2.x
  • As mod_put is Apache 1.3 specific and is no longer available in Apache 2.x, mod_dav should be used instead to provide the HTTP PUT capabilities

  • Make sure that mod_dav is loaded. For example, the following line in the Apache web server configuration can be used to enable it:

    LoadModule dav_module modules/
  • Then for a particular location you can enable mod_dav with the following setting: DAV On

Refer to the documentation for Apache’s mod_dav module for more details.

IIS Check the option that allows writing to the desired save directory. Ensure that you have given write access to the username and password that you plan on adding to the scanner's http save path.

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