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Enriched Scan File Structure

The XML Enricher reads scan files and outputs enriched XML scan files containing all of the original data as well as data identified in the application recognition step.

Each file is stored as a <file> element. When a file is identified as belonging to an application, two attributes are added to the element:

  • versionid

  • flag

For example,

<file name=”winword.exe” size=”12345” versionid=”1111” flag=”M”/>

represents a file named winword.exe identified as belonging to the application with a version ID of 1111. The type of the file is “M”, which means Main file. The possible values for the type field are:

flag “type” tag in enriched XML file
Main M
Associated Y
3rd Party 3
Device Driver A
Unknown N

The versionid attribute refers to the unique ID associated with every version in the SAI library. In an enriched XML scan file, the <applicationdata> section contains a list of applications identified on the machine along with the version IDs.

For example:

<application version="6.0 sp1"
               name="Internet Explorer" 
        	desc="Microsoft Internet Explorer" 
        	os="Windows 98/NT/2K/ME/XP" 
        	type="Internet browser software"
        	maindir="C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer" 
        	lastUsed="2004-05-05 00:00:00" 
<application version="6.0 sp1" 
		release="6.0" name="Outlook Express" 
        	os="Windows 98/NT/2K/ME/XP" 
        	type="Desktop communications software" 
        	maindir="C:\Program Files\Outlook Express" 
        	lastUsed="2004-05-05 00:00:00" 

The example above could be found for a machine with just two applications on it: Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook Express. The licencedby attribute indicates that Microsoft Outlook Express is licensed by Microsoft Internet Explorer. In other words, while both are licensable applications, this machine requires one license for Microsoft Internet Explorer; with this license, no separate Outlook Express license is required.

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