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Accessing the Administration Console for UCMDB Browser

You can access various administrative tools for the UCMDB Browser from within the Administration Console for UCMDB Browser.

The Administration Console for UCMDB Browser is available for users with the Administration privileges. Bi-directional direct links are available from the UCMDB Browser to the Administration Console.

To access
  • In UCMDB Browser, hover your mouse over the <username> , and then select Administration Console from the context menu.
  • Use one of the following URLs:

    • http://<browser-home>/admin, or
    • http://<browser-home>/Admin.jsp
See also
  • Universal CMDB Package Manager Guide
  • Universal CMDB LDAP Manager Guide
  • Universal CMDB FIPS Deployment Guide

User interface elements of the Admin Console are described below:

UI Element (A–Z) Description

Displays the following information:

  • UCMDB Browser version
  • UCMDB Server product name, version, and build
  • Content Pack version and build.
HELP Opens the UCMDB Browser online help in a separate window.

Displays the current user that logs in to the Admin Dashboard.

Hovering your mouse over it allows to access the following options:

  • Browser UI. Returns to the UCMDB Browser main window.
  • Logout. Logs out of the UCMDB Browser.

Modules in the Administration Console for UCMDB Browser

The table below describes main modules available in the Administration Console for UCMDB Browser.

Module Description

Opens the Cash Operations dashboard.

You can click the button to invalidate the EhCache values stored in the UCMDB Browser. The data are usually cached from the UCMDB server.

LOGS Displays a list of UCMDB Browser logs. You can perform the following actions on a log entry: View Full, Download, and Tail.
  • You can view all logged in users with their active sessions.

    Clicking this tab allows you to switch the UCMDB Browser to the FIPS mode.

    For more details, see the Universal CMDB FIPS Deployment Guide.


    Opens the Package Manager dashboard, which enables you to easily manage the capabilities of your system based on the packages you deploy. For details about Package Manager, see the Universal CMDB Package Manager Guide.

    LDAP Manager

    Opens the LDAP Manager module, which enables you to associate Universal CMDB groups with LDAP groups. For details about LDAP Manager module, see the Universal CMDB LDAP Manager Guide.


    Opens the Probe Dashboard in the right pane. The Probe Dashboard module replaces the original Discovery module. For details, see Probe Dashboard.