Install > Connect the UCMDB Browser to an RTSM Instance

Connect the UCMDB Browser to an RTSM Instance

The UCMDB Browser can connect to an RTSM by applying the RTSM port and an integration user. The RTSM port is usually deployed on 21212. You should also modify the UCMDB user integration credentials that the UCMDB Browser uses to connect. Create an integration user in the RTSM JMX or use an existing one and modify it according to the instructions in Change the UCMDB Integration User Credentials.

If the BSM is configured to authenticate users on LDAP, the RTSM should be configured with the same LDAP settings as the BSM.

To copy BSM LDAP settings to the RTSM:

  1. In BSM, go to Admin > Platform > Users and Permissions > Authentication Management.
  2. Open another tab with the RTSM JMX console (http://<server-name>:21212/jmx-console) and find the method LDAP Settings > configureLDAP.

    Note For <server-name>, enter the RTSM server name. 21212 is the default RTSM port.

  3. Copy all LDAP settings from the BSM to the RTSM. The following table shows the correspondence between setting names in the BSM and RTSM:

    BSM Setting name RTSM JMX Setting
    Name Description
    LDAP server URL ldapURL LDAP connection string
    Users filter userFilter Users filter
    Distinguished Name (DN) Resolution isEnableSearchForDN Distinguished Name (DN) Resolution
    Distinguished Name of Search-Entitled User searchUser LDAP Search User
    Password of Search-Entitled User searchUserPassword LDAP Search User Password
    Groups base DN groupBase Group Base
    Groups search filter groupBaseFilter Group Base Filter
    Root groups base DN rootGroup Root Group
    Root groups filter rootGroupFilter Root Group Filter
    Group class object groupClass Group class object
    Groups member attribute groupMemberAttribute Groups member attribute
    Users object class userClass Users object class
    UUID attribute userUID UUID attribute
  4. From the same method RTSM JMX > LDAP Settings, invoke allowLDAPAuthentication with the parameter “true”.

Note Copying LDAP settings from the BSM to the RTSM does not influence RTSM integrations since they do not work with LDAP.