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Configuration Mechanism

The UCMDB Browser configuration settings are kept on the UCMDB Server to which the UCMDB Browser is connected. The Browser configuration settings on the UCMDB Server are accessible from in UCMDB (in Administration > Infrastructure Settings > UCMDB Browser Settings). The settings appear only after initial login, which triggers a settings deployment on the UCMDB Server.

For each group of configuration settings, there is a setting called: Enable XXX, where XXX is the name of a Browser feature (for example, Enable the Incidents Widget, and so on). This setting can be used to enable/disable the group of settings. For example, if Enable the Incidents Widget is set to false, the Incidents Widget is not available in the UCMDB Browser.

Note When upgrading to UCMDB 10.0x, the UCMDB Browser settings are not upgraded. The UCMDB administrator should set them manually in Infrastructure Settings Manager in UCMDB.