Integrate > Select and Define Automation Flows (for the Automation Widget)

Select and Define Automation Flows (for the Automation Widget)

  1. In UCMDB, go to Modeling > Modeling Studio.
  2. Select New, and from the drop-down list, select Automation Flow Mapping.

    The New Automation Flow Mapping dialog opens.

  3. In the New Automation Flow Mapping dialog, choose Create new query or Choose base query.

    The Automation Flow Mapping Editor opens, with two tabs: Query Definition and Automation Flows.

  4. In the Query Definition tab, define the Automation Flow mapping by defining a query with one node as the contact node.
  5. In the Automation Flows tab, add flows by clicking the Add Automation Flow link.

    The Select Automation Flow window opens.

  6. Enter text for a search in this window (the search is performed by name, domain, or category) and click the Search button.

    The search results appear.

  7. Choose a flow from the list of search results.

    The flow name now appears in the Automation Flows tab window with its input fields. If the input field has a default value, it is set in the field.

  8. Enter inputs in each field. Inputs can be added by typing free text in the field, by selecting an attribute from a TQL node, or by entering a complex expression containing both free text and an attribute from a TQL node. If default values exist, you can change them.
  9. You can add more flows by repeating steps 5-8.

Note Automation Flow Mapping supports one contact node only.