Integrate > Configure the Automation Flow Adapter (for the Automation Widget)

Configure the Automation Flow Adapter (for the Automation Widget)

To use the Automation widget (as described in Automation Widget ), you must create an Integration Point for the Automation Flow Adapter as follows:

  1. In UCMDB, go to Data Flow Management > Integration Studio.
  2. Create a new integration point with the following settings:

    • Integration name. Automation Flow Adapter (required)

    • Adapter. AutomationFlowAdapter (required)

    • Protocol. Https (required)
    • Hostname. Enter the OO server's hostname (required)

    • Port. Enter the OO host's port (required)

    • Application Context. /PAS/services/WSCentralService (optional)

    • Use LW-SSO. True or False (required)
    • Credentials ID. Choose Generic Protocol with your credentials (required if Use LW-SSO=False)

      Note If Use LW-SSO=True, the OO server and UCMDB server must both enable LW-SSO. LW-SSO configuration on the UCMDB server is described in the section "LW-SSO Authentication Overview" in the Universal CMDB Hardening Guide. LW-SSO configuration on OO is described in the Micro Focus Operations Orchestration Administrator Guide. A user who performs actions (run/view automation flows) on OO must exist as an external user on the OO server with the same user name that he has on the UCMDB Browser and with the correct permissions.

      If Use LW-SSO=False, all users who performs actions on OO get the permissions of the integration user, which is defined in the Credentials ID field.

  3. Save the integration point.

  4. Log out and log in to UCMDB Server again for the change to take effect.

Note The Automation Flow Adapter is deployed on the UCMDB server upon initial Browser's start up. This triggers deployment of content and makes it available for configuration on the UCMDB server.