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Landing Page

The Search page and the UCMDB Browser header are automatically displayed when you log in to the UCMDB Browser.

In UCMDB Browser version 4.10, the UCMDB Browser header is redesigned to offer a clean and compact look. User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description

You can open the Search page from anywhere else in the UCMDB Browser simply by clicking in the upper left corner of the UCMDB Browser window.

Search module

Enables you to locate a specific CI.

Hovering your mouse over the Search tab allows you access to the following modules:

  • Quick Search

  • Advanced Search

  • Most Visited

  • Most Searched

For details, see Search.

Reports module Provides a method of displaying the data from views in a report format. For details, see Reports.
Service Modeling module Enables you to model the infrastructure of a business service. For details, see Service Modeling.
Notifications module Enables you to see which property (CI or attribute) has changed, been added, or been deleted since the last time notifications were generated. For details, see Notifications.

Hovering your mouse over the <Username> allows you to access the following:


Hovering your mouse over the Settings icon allows you to access the following:


Opens the UCMDB Browser's Help page or a custom help page.

Starting from UCMDB Browser version 4.03, you can create a custom help page for the UCMDB Browser’s users in the UCMDB UI > Administration > Infrastructure Settings Manager > UCMDB Browser Settings > Custom Help Page URL. In the value field, add a URL, for instance

When the non-administrator user accesses the Help section in the UCMDB Browser, the custom Help page opens.


Opens the What’s New page, which describes the new features and enhancements of the version.

Note When you first login to the UCMDB Browser, the What's New page is displayed, containing the new features and enhancements of the version. This happens when you connect the first time to any UCMDB server.


Displays the UCMDB Browser's version and the Copyright Information.

Access the UCMDB Home

Opens the customized landing page for UCMDB, with out-of-the-box report widgets. Also, it offers you the ability to set your own widgets, and to navigate trough the available UCMDB modules. For details, see the Universal CMDB Home Guide.

As an administrator, you can hide the Access the UCMDB Home link for the users without administrative privileges. To hide the link, go to the UCMDB > Administration > Infrastructure Settings Manager > UCMDB Browser Settings and change the value of the Show Access to UCMDB Home link to admins only setting to True. The default value is False. Also, you can use the value of the UCMDB Browser URL setting to access UCMDB Home, by changing the value of the Override the Access UCMDB Home link setting to True.