Integrate > Configure the Enterprise View Adapter

Configure the Enterprise View Adapter

  1. In UCMDB, go to Data Flow Management > Integration Studio.
  2. Create a new integration point with the following settings:

    • Integration name: EnterpriseViewDataSource (required)

    • Adapter: EnterpriseViewAdapter (required)

    • Hostname: enter the Business Object’s server hostname (required)

    • Port: enter the Business Object’s host port (required). The default port is 6400.

    • Credentials ID: Choose Generic Protocol with your credentials

3. In the Data Flow Probe drop-down list, select a probe.

4. Save the integration point.

Note The EnterpriseViewAdapter adapter is deployed on the UCMDB server upon initial login to the UCMDB Browser. This triggers deployment of content and makes it available for configuration on the UCMDB server.

For instructions on integrating Enterprise View with UCMDB, see Configure Integration with Enterprise View