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Initial Setup for Working with the UCMDB Browser

Note These setup steps must be performed for UCMDB 10.10 and later versions.

In order to enable a user to use the UCMDB Browser, you must do the following in UCMDB:

  • Enable access to the UCMDB Browser

    In the Roles Manager, assign UCMDB Browser access permission to the relevant role.

    For details, see Grant Access to the UCMDB Browser

  • Specify which widgets will be displayed for a role in the UCMDB Browser

    1. Go to Security > Roles Manager.
    2. Click the Resources tab and select UCMDB Browser Widgets.
    3. Select the widgets for which you want to grant View permission in the UCMDB Browser and click .

    4. When you are finished, click Save .

    Note The list of available UCMDB Browser widgets will be visible in UCMDB only after launching the UCMDB Browser for the first time.

    For details, see "Roles Manager Page" in the Universal CMDB Administration Guide.

  • Authorize access to CIs

    In the Roles Manager, specify the specific access levels to CIs that you want to assign to the role.

    For details, see Authorize Access to CIs

    Note Browser CI Access Control is not supported for in multi-tenant installations. To enable CIs to be viewed in multi-tenant installations, select the View CIs action on the General Actions tab in the Roles Manager.