Integrate > Configure Integration with Service Manager

Configure Integration with Service Manager

  1. In UCMDB, go to Data Flow Management > Integration Studio.
  2. Create a new integration point with the following settings:

    • Adapter: select the appropriate adapter for the version of Service Manager that you have installed.

    • Hostname/IP: enter the hostname or IP address of theService Manager server.

    • Credentials ID: select the credentials for the Service Manager server.

    • Data Flow Probe: select a data flow probe.
  3. Select the Is Integration Activated checkbox.
  4. Save the integration point.
  5. Click the Federation tab of the integration point and verify that the relevant Service Manager items are selected.

  6. Create a data push job:

    • For integration points that use adapters earlier than the ServiceManagerAdapter9.x adapter, create a data push job that includes the CI types and relation types that you need, and run the job. For details, see the Universal CMDB Data Flow Management Guide.
    • For integration points that use the ServiceManagerAdapter9.x adapter, synchronize data using the out-of-the-box data push job.