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Web-based UCMDB UI: UCMDB Home

UCMDB Home Overview

UCMDB Home is the starting point when accessing the web-based UCMDB UI. You can access the UCMDB Home page from the UCMDB Browser landing page. UCMDB Home allows you to customize the experience with the product by quickly adding to the landing page different types of widgets, such as reports or UCMDB Browser widgets. Also, you can navigate easily through the available web-based UCMDB modules and access them directly from the navigation menu.

For more details, see PDF | UCMDB Home Help.

Web-based UCMDB Modules Available from UCMDB Home

From UCMDB Home, the following web-based UCMDB modules are available:

  • Smart Software Analytics (SSA)

    This release introduced a new software teaching and recognition module Smart Software Analytics (SSA). SSA relies on data analytics to analyze large amount of scan files and suggest new software signatures, that can be used to recognize installed software. It automatically teaches unrecognized software by intelligently using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning technology. With SSA, users can have an enhanced software recognition ratio with less manual effort.

    For more details, see PDF | Smart Software Analytics Help.

  • CI Search

    CI Search is the module for UCMDB Browser in UCMDB Home. For details, see UCMDB Browser 4.15 Online Help.

  • LDAP Mapping

    The existing LDAP Mapping module in Admin UI is also accessible from UCMDB Home.

    For more details, see PDF | LDAP Mapping Help.

  • Package Manager

    The existing Package Manager module in Admin UI is also accessible from UCMDB Home.

    For more details, see PDF | Package Manager Help.