Release highlights for Service Manager 9.52 Codeless

Updated September 18, 2017

This release of Service Manager 9.52 introduces the following features and functionality:

  • The ability to paste images to the HTML Editor
  • Updates to Service Portal (formerly "Service Manager Service Portal") that enhance security, installation, search capabilities, and more
  • Support for SAML Single Sign-On (using the IdM service that is built in to Service Portal)
  • Process Designer-based Configuration Management
  • The ability to highlight thresholds and ranges of values with different colors in reports on the Dashboard

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Date Change summary
September 18, 2017 Added the "Ports used by Service Portal components" topic
April 17, 2017 Initial release

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In addition to this online resource, a number of Service Manager 9.52 documents are available as printable PDFs.

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