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Install and set up Service Portal

As an end user portal built on the modern technology of HPE Propel , Service Portal enables IT departments to offer their services in an online shopping experience, similar to what users experience today at popular online retailers. With Service Portal, users can order, track, and manage their IT services, access knowledge articles, initiate chat conversations, and complete surveys.

Tip If your organization is using Service Request Catalog (SRC), ESS, or HPE Propel as an end user portal, be aware that migration from SRC, ESS, or HPE Propel to Service Portal is supported. For details, see Migrating ESS or SRC to Service Portaland Migrating Propel to Service Portal.

  • Service Portal must be deployed on a supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. For more information, see Support matrix.
  • The default passwords for the consumer, orgadmin, and admin users are listed in this section. To prevent access to your Service Portal installation via these default passwords, you must change them. For details, see Changing Service Portal Default User Accounts' Passwords.
  • Service Portal can be installed on a machine with or without Internet access.

This section provides instructions on how to install and set up a single instance of Service Portal, as well as a distributed Service Portal cluster.