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What's new in Service Manager 9.52?

Service Manager 9.52 includes the following new features, enhancements, and support changes:

Service Portal

Feature Description
Renaming to Service Portal Service Manager Service Portal is now renamed to Service Portal.
Change approval

Service Portal 9.52 incorporates the Change approval functionality that was previously available through content packs together with further enhancements. If you are designated as an approver of Change requests, you can approve all categories of Changes.

For more information about how to enable Change approval, see Enable Change approval.

Note If you are working with Service Manager 9.41 (Codeless only), 9.50, or 9.51, you can still enable Service Portal Change approval by browsing to the [%SX_HOME%]/contentStorage/sm-external-approval/sm directory, and then importing the SXExternalApproval.unl unload file to Service Manager.

Accept/Reject actions on Service Requests

In Service Portal 9.52, you can accept or reject a Service Portal request while the request is in the Resolved status. This functionality was previously available through content packs.

For more information, see Service Portal Consumer Help.

Support of SAML Single Sign-On Service Portal supports SAML2.0 based single sign-on using Microsoft ADFS as the Identity Provider (IdP).
Search enhancement

The type ahead feature of the Search Service Portal text box in Service Portal 9.52 supports multiple words and sentences. When you type a few characters in the text box, the system automatically displays the Suggested search list and the Suggested result list. The Suggested search list lists the recommended search terms and highlights your search term. You can select a term in this list to open a search result page. The Suggested result list lists a series of suggested search results and highlights your search term in the titles and descriptions. You can select a result in this list to open the target ticket.

Service Portal also provides correction when the system cannot find any matches for your search terms. For example, if you type iphoen in the Search Service Portal text box and then system cannot find a match in the search results, the system automatically suggests iphone.

For more information about Service Portal search configuration, see Configure Service Portal search.

Installation simplification
  • The installer script capability is extended to enable Chat, Survey, and LW-SSO at the same time, all in one step.
  • Support for remote installation is added so that you can install Service Portal on multiple nodes by running the installer on the load balancer node only.
Ability to change initial passwords To improve security, you can change the initial passwords used in both a single instance deployment and a clustered deployment of Service Portal.
Swedish language support Service Portal now supports Swedish.
Migration from Propel to Service Portal You can find instructions for migrating from Propel to Service Portal in the help center (Administer > Service Portal Administration Guide > Migrating Propel to Service Portal).

Instructions on how to migrate from Service Request Catalog to Service Portal are available in the Service Portal Administration Guide.

Process Designer

Feature Description
Codeless Configuration Management

The Configuration Management module is reimplemented on Process Designer technology. The module now uses a default Configuration Item workflow. When you upgrade to Service Manager 9.52, a migration tool will convert all Classic Configuration Items to Codeless Configuration Items.

Note Currently, the Configuration Management module continues to use the master Format Control record and State settings in the device Object instead of RuleSets. Additionally, Contract Management still runs in Classic mode.

For more information, see the Configuration Management section in the Service Manager Help Center.

Service Manager Reporting

Feature Description
Colored thresholds and ranges in reports

You can configure reports on the dashboard to use colors to highlight defined thresholds and ranges of values. When you define a colored range for a report, the section of the relevant axis falling within that range is displayed in a defined color, and threshold markers are displayed on the report to mark the limits of the range.

For more information, see Add colored ranges to a report.

Service Manager web client

Feature Description
Paste images to the HTML Editor

You can now paste images to the HTML Editor as attachments.

Note Out-of-box, the copy and paste function is only available in Knowledge Management. To enable this functionality for other modules, you must meet following prerequisites:

  • You are running the Service Manager 9.52 (or later) web client and server.

  • The web client is open in the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser.
  • The form contains an Attachment Container control.

  • The Insert Image Option property is defined for the HTML Editor control on the form.

Currently, this functionality is not supported in HTML email.

For more information, see Using the HTML Editor.

Smart Analytics

Feature Description
New license files

The existing Smart Analytics license files are no longer valid on April 30, 2017.

New license files are included in Smart Analytics 9.52. If you upgrade to Service Manager 9.52 or perform a first-time installation of Service Manager 9.52 before April 30, you need take no further action.

However, if you will not upgrade to or install Service Manager 9.52 before April 30, you must update the license files. To help you do this, a Smart Analytics License Tool is included in the Service Manager 9.52 release package. Simply follow the steps in the tool to renew the license files. Additionally, the tool is available to download from the following HPE Software Support website:

Set stop phrase from Service Manager UI

Previously, you could only add stop phrases by updating the qssp.db file for Hot Topic Analytics. After this configuration, you had to restart a series of Smart Analytics services. As of Service Manager 9.52, you can configure stop phrases on the Configure IDOL Stop Phrase page in the Service Manager UI without restarting the Smart Analytics services.

For more information, see Set stop phrases for Hot Topic Analytics.

Configure the maximum number of Hot Topic Analytics blocks

By default, the Hot Topic Analytics topic map displays up to 10 blocks. Service Manager 9.52 enables you to configure the maximum number of blocks in a Hot Topic Analytics topic map.

For more information, see Configure the maximum number of Hot Topic Analytics blocks.


Feature Description
SAML SSO based on Service Portal's built-in IdM In addition to the standalone HPE Identity Manager (IdM) service, Service Manager now supports SAML Single Sign-On using the IdM service that is built in to Service Portal.

New parameters, commands, and files

The following parameters, commands, and files were introduced in this release.

Name Type Description
Parameter: smartemailTimeout Parameter This parameter defines the number of milliseconds that the Smart Email process waits for a connection to the mail server to be established.
RAD function: evaluate_query RAD function This RAD function parses and evaluates a query.

Added support

Service Manager 9.52 adds support for the following operating systems and technologies:

Operating systems

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 (for Service Portal and for Smart Analytics)

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