Dbdicts containing log information

Log information for background processes, or integrations that are implemented in Service Manager applications is often written into dbdicts. There are log dbdicts in an out-of-box Service Manager system, and tailored implementations may also create such dbdicts.

Maintenance tasks include reviewing these log files for availability monitoring, capacity planning, and performance monitoring, as well as cleaning up old records so that the amount of records has no negative impact on the system performance.

Dbdicts with log information that serves different purposes are described in the following table.

Dbdict Area Description


Availability monitoring

The msglog file gives helpful hints when a scheduled application fails, as well as provides other information.


Availability monitoring

The syslog file contains login and logout information for all users, and information about the start and termination of background processes.


Availability monitoring

The SMIS log contains messages regarding integrations using the Service Manager Integration Suite (SMIS).


Performance monitoring

This is an internal log for report execution.

When using the Reporting module, reporting tasks create reports and dashboards, and send notifications. Because these tasks are executed in the background, long running tasks may not be observed by users, but slow down the system unnoticed.


Capacity planning

This is for daily tracking of module license usage.



Performance monitoring

This is for system load tracking.

This is started and stopped from System Status > System Monitor > Capture.

Caution If the Capture functionality is activated for a long time, slow system performance may occur.