Edit the configuration file in the war archive

To edit web.properties in webapp-9.52.xxxx.war, follow these steps:

  1. Open webapp-9.52.xxxx.war in an archive management program.
  2. Extract the web.properties file from the WEB-INF directory to your local system, and then open this file in a text editor.
  3. Set the Service Manager server and port parameters as follow to add your server connection information:

    Required parameters for Service Manager Mobile Applications client connection
    Parameter Default value Description
    endpoint http://localhost:13080/SM/ui

    Change localhost:13080 to your Service Manager server host name and port number.

    resourceRoot None

    This parameter is commented-out by default. You need to update this value only when the *.js image files and the *.css files are stored on another server.

    For example, if you moved the static files to another Apache server, change this value to resourceRoot=http://<host name of another Apache server>:8080/mobile/statics/.


    • Optionally, you can also define the number of records that appear in every page of the List View by configuring the value in the recordlistcount parameter.
    • If FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) mode is enabled on the Service Manager side, you need to enable FIPS mode in the Mobility client. For details, see the following topics of the Service Manager Help Center:

      • Configure LW-SSO in the Mobility Client for FIPS mode
      • Configure FIPS mode in the Mobility Client

  4. Save the file and add the updated file back to the WEB-INF directory of the webapp-9.52.xxxx.war archive.