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Automation Widget

The Automation widget allows the user to execute Operations Orchestration (OO) flows on the selected CI and the CIs that are in the selected CI’s environment. These flows are run according to the user's permissions in OO. This widget displays all the available OO flows that can be run on the selected CI and CIs within the CI’s environment, and displays a history of the available flows that have actually been run on those CIs.

For the Automation Widget to appear in the UCMDB Browser, this widget must be enabled in UCMDB by going to Administration > Infrastructure Settings > UCMDB Browser Settings, and setting Enable the Automation widget=True.

The UCMDB Browser comes with an Automation Flow adapter that is deployed on the UCMDB server when the Browser first loads. For this widget to work, the UCMDB administrator must configure this adapter, as described in Configure the Automation Flow Adapter (for the Automation Widget). The UCMDB Browser also deploys several out-of-the-box automation flows that can be used immediately after the Browser connects to the UCMDB server, and can be used as examples for constructing other automation flows.

To select and define Automation Flows in UCMDB, see Select and Define Automation Flows (for the Automation Widget)