How to Configure Access to UCMDB Home

Ensure that the URL is similar to the following: <https>://<server_name>:<port_number>/ucmdb-browser/ui/index.html?wp&ucmdbURL=<ucmdb_server_protocol>%3A%2F%2F<ucmdb_server_name>%3A<server_port_number>&username=..., and then follow these steps:

  1. In the URL, make sure that the value of the ucmdbURL parameter is correctly displayed:

    • UCMDB Browser Embedded

      • <ucmdb_server_protocol> = https

      • <ucmdb_server_name> = <server_name>

      • <server_port_number> = <port_number>

    • UCMDB Browser Standalone

      • <ucmdb_server_protocol> = https

      • <ucmdb_server_name> = fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the UCMDB server, or the IP address of the UCMDB server.

      • <server_port_number> = the port value of the UCMDB server with the HTTPS protocol

  2. If the value of the ucmdbURL parameter is different than the values described above, add the UCMDB_GENERAL_UCMDB_EXTERNAL_URL variable to the Operating Systems environment variables with the UCMDB server URL:

    • UCMDB Browser Embedded: https://<server_name>:<port_number>. Restart the UCMDB server.

    • UCMDB Browser Standalone: https://<ucmdb_server_name>:<server_port_number>. Restart the UCMDB Browser.
  3. Add the UCMDB URL to your browser's list of Trusted Sites or Exceptions, then refresh the UCMDB Browser's page.

    To add the UCMDB URL to the Trusted Sites list in your web browser, do the following:

Note If the ucmdbURL parameters are correctly displayed, perform only step 3.