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Incident exchange scenarios

This section describes various scenarios that are supported by Case Exchange in the Incident Management module. The following diagram shows a typical Case Exchange environment.

The description of the following scenarios uses the following simplifications to keep the scenarios generic:

  • These scenarios refer to an Incident record in the target system as an "Incident". However, an Incident in Service Manager may correspond to an Incident, a Work Order, a Service Request, or something else in the connected system.
  • The terminology used for the described scenarios is limited to the domain of Service Manager.

The following scenario diagrams in this section contain the following elements:

User actions:

Actions that move a record from one stage to another. For example, open, assign, solve, close, and so on.

Updates that do not move a record from one stage to another. For example, an update to description or attachments.

Background system actions:

Updates transferred to the connected systems.

Always sent as soon data is exchanged (both directions).