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Job List Dialog Box

This dialog box displays a list of the reports/snapshots that were scheduled to run in the Schedule Report/Snapshot Dialog Box.

To access
  • To display a list of reports scheduled to run, select Managers > Modeling > Reports. On the Reports page, click the Show Scheduled Report Jobs button.
  • To define a schedule for taking snapshots, select Managers > Modeling > Reports. In the Topology Reports pane, select the required view, click the Snapshots button, and then select Show Scheduled Snapshot Jobs.

Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element (A-Z) Description
Insert New Scheduled Report. Enables you to define a new job using the Schedule Report dialog box.
Edit Job. Enables you to edit the selected job using the Schedule Report dialog box.
Create Copy. Enables you to create a copy of the selected job. Opens a new job in the Schedule Report dialog box that uses the details of the selected job.
Remove Job. Deletes the selected job from the list of scheduled jobs.
Run Job Immediate. Runs the selected job.
Pause Job. Pauses the selected job. Enabled only if the job has a Pending status.

Resume Job. Resumes the selected job.

Note The Resume button is enabled only for jobs that have a Paused status.

Refresh. Refreshes the list of scheduled jobs.
Clear filter. Clears the current filter.
Change visible columns. Enables you to select the columns to be displayed.
Current Status

The current status of each scheduled job:

  • Running. The job is currently executing.

  • Pending. The job is waiting for the scheduling requirements to be fulfilled.

  • Completed. The job has finished executing.

  • Paused. The job has been paused.

Note If a job has a Completed status, and you want to resume running the job, you can either click Run Job Immediate or change the Next Execution Time to the current time. If you change it to a future time, the status changes to Pending.

Description A description of the scheduled job as defined in the Schedule Report dialog box.
Execution Status

The job's current execution status:

  • Success. The job completed successfully (denoted by the icon).

  • Failure. The job failed to execute (denoted by the icon). Hold the pointer over the icon to display:

    • A description of the error

    • The related Universal CMDB internal exception

  • None. The job has not yet been executed.

Last Execution Time The last time the report ran.
Name The name of the scheduled job as defined in the Schedule Report dialog box.
Next Execution Time The next time the report is scheduled to run.
Time Zone The time zone in which the job is scheduled to run.