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Compare Snapshots Report

This report enables you to compare two snapshots of a specific view taken at different times. It enables you to visualize the differences between the views by comparing the statuses of the view at the times the snapshots were taken.

Report Example
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To access

Select Managers > Modeling > Reports. In the Custom Reports pane, do one of the following:

  • Click the Create New Report button and select Compare Snapshots Report.

  • Under Compliance:

    • Double-click Compare Snapshots Report.

    • Right-click Compare Snapshots Report and select Create New Report.

    • Select Compare Snapshots Report, and drag it onto the right pane.

Note You can also take and compare snapshots in IT Universe Manager (for details, see Save Snapshot Dialog Box).

Important information
  • You can compare a current snapshot to a previous snapshot or two snapshots taken in the past.

  • You can define a schedule that takes snapshots of a specific view on a periodic basis and saves them. For details, see Schedule Report/Snapshot Dialog Box.

  • The only format available for previewing and exporting the Compare Snapshots report is the Excel format.

Note Snapshots taken in a version prior to UCMDB 10.00 cannot be compared with snapshots taken in UCMDB 10.00 or higher.

Relevant tasks
See also

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element (A-Z) Description
Expand All. Expands the entire hierarchical tree structure of the CIs you selected.
Collapse All. Collapses the hierarchical tree structure of the CIs you selected.
Previous Difference. Finds the previous occurrence of an item marked as changed.
Next Difference. Finds the next occurrence of an item marked as changed.

Show Configuration Files Differences. Shows the difference between the content of the two configuration files. Configuration files use the .xml, .txt or .ini extensions.

Select a CI of the CIT Configuration File in both panes and click the Show Differences button. A window opens displaying the differences (marked in blue) in the configuration files.

Show Only Different CIs in Tree. In the <Properties panes>, displays only the part of the tree structure containing CIs that do not match.
Show Only Different Attribute Values. In the <Properties panes>, toggles between displaying all the attribute values of the selected CI or only the attribute values that have changed.

Synchronize Selection. Enables you to select a CI on one side and have its corresponding CI automatically selected on the other side.

The default state for the Synchronize Selection button is selected. Deselecting this button allows you to select different CIs from each of the two trees. This enables you to compare two different CIs and see their different properties.

Contains An Updated Item. Indicates that a CI's attribute value has changed. For example, a Contains an Updated Item icon is displayed next to the CI in the figure below since the attribute of its child CI icon has changed.

Deleted Item. Indicates that a CI has been deleted from the view.

New Item. Indicates that a new CI has been added to the view.

Updated Item. Indicates that the attribute value of a CI has changed.

For example, the figure below shows that the CIs LABM3MAM16 displays the Updated Item icon because it was updated with a new Version value, as indicated by the Show Only Different Attribute Values icons (see the Name and Value columns in the bottom panes underneath the tree structure).

<Left and right panes> Displays a hierarchical tree structure of all the CIs in the view for that snapshot version. The left side always represents the older of the two versions.
<Properties pane>

Displays the attributes of the selected CI.

The Properties pane contains the following fields:

  • Name. Displays the name of the selected CI as defined in the CI's label.

  • Value. Displays the attribute value for the currently selected CI.

<Shortcut Menu> Right-click a CI in the report to access the IT Universe Manager shortcut menu. For details, see IT Universe Manager Shortcut Menu.
<Toolbar> For details, see Report Toolbar Options.
Available Snapshots

Displays the current status and previously saved snapshots of the view selected in the View with Snapshots field. Select the two snapshots you want to compare.

By default, snapshots that have been empty for 3 months are hidden.

Note Visible when the Show Report Parameters button is pressed.

View with snapshots

Displays the name of the view whose snapshots you want to compare. Only views for which snapshots have been taken are displayed.

Note Visible when the Show Report Parameters button is pressed.