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Automated Service Modeling (ASM) Troubleshooting

This section introduces the general troubleshooting guidelines for problems that may occur during the Service Modeling process.

When an error occurs with a particular CI in the topology map, an error icon appears on the CI.

The following steps demonstrate the basic troubleshooting procedure for such an error:

  1. View the error message in the UCDMB Browser.

    1. Click the error icon on the CI.

      The Discovery Issues pane appears and lists all the related discovery issues.

    2. Click one of the categories.

      A list of errors of the category appears.

    3. Click an error to see the detailed error message.

  2. Perform one of the following tasks when appropriate.

    • For some errors under Software Related Errors, you can directly provide some missing information from the UCMDB Browser. As in the above example, if you click the Application Signature button, you will be able to add the missing port numbers.

    • Search the error message in this section, and try the suggested solutions.
  3. Rerun the Service Modeling task.