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Specify Impact Rules

The Impact Simulation and Dependent Services widgets run impact analysis that uses impact rules, in the same manner as UCMDB. These impact rules can be grouped into bundles. The default setting is to run the analysis using all available bundles, however you can choose to run the analysis using only certain bundles and not others.

To select bundles for impact analysis:

  1. In UCMDB, go to Administration > Infrastructure Settings Manager > UCMDB Browser settings.
  2. In the Name column, choose List of impact rules bundles to be used.
  3. In the Value column, enter a comma-separated list of bundle names.


    • Incorrect bundle names are ignored.

    • A bundle name that contains a comma cannot be used.

  4. Click Save .
  5. Log out from the UCMDB Browser, and then log in again (this loads the new bundle settings).