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  • Notifications are supported on UCMDB 10.10 and later versions.
  • If you log in to the UCMDB Browser with the customer state of Authorized, the Notifications functionality is disabled automatically, even if it is enabled via settings.

Notifications in the UCMDB Browser enable you to see which property (CI or attribute) has changed, been added, or been deleted since the last time notifications were generated. Notifications are sent according to values specified in the UCMDB settings.

After enabling notifications in UCMDB (as described in Configure notifications), select Notifications from the context menu for a selected CI to specify the widgets for which you want to see notifications. This icon appears on the search results page and on the Most Visited page.

A list of notifications appears in the Notifications tab in the UCMDB Browser, marked with a  (unread) or  (read) indicator, as well as in the locations mentioned above. In the Notifications tab, you can choose to display all notifications or only unread notifications.

Clicking a notification opens the CI in CI Overview mode. Here, the widgets to which you have subscribed that contain changes are marked with a  indicator (the changes themselves are visible only in Widget Details mode). After entering Widget Details mode for any of the marked widgets, the icon in CI Overview mode changes to . For widgets that contain changes, in Widget Details mode, notifications that are marked with an  indicator display their values inline. If  is displayed, click the indicator to see the older values in a pop-up window.

Indicators for changed values appear in the following widgets:

Properties widget An indicator is displayed next to each changed attribute (simple or logical, such as owner, CPU, memory, and so on). For details, see Properties Widget.
Environment widget An indicator is displayed for each newly added CI in the CI list. For details, see Environment Widget.
History widget An indicator is displayed for the current CI and for CIs related to the current CI (up to five levels). For details, see History Widget.
Policy widget An indicator is displayed on each new policy or on a change in the policy status. For details, see Policy Widget.
Stakeholder widget An indicator is displayed for each CI in the list, as well as on the stakeholder's personal information (email address and phone numbers). For details, see Stakeholder Widget.
Widgets related to Service Manager: Change Request, Incidents, and Problems widgets

An indicator is displayed for each ticket, summarizing the changes in the ticket. Indicators appear for new and updated items (what changed in the affected CIs, phase, severity value, dates, and so on).

Note You may receive notifications for these widgets but not be able to view the corresponding widget details if:

  • The particular request from Service Manager is in a state that currently is not configured as being displayed in the UCMDB Browser. To specify Service Manager request states to be displayed, in UCMDB, go to Administration > Infrastructure Settings Manager > UCMDB Browser Settings and specify the statuses that you want to be displayed.
  • The particular CI that was subscribed to notifications for these widgets from Service Manager is no longer affected by a request.

Dynamic widgets

An indicator is displayed next to each changed attribute (for attributes that are selected in the widget definition).


  • Notifications on dynamic widgets are supported on UCMDB 10.10 CUP 1 and later versions.
  • To receive notifications about changed attributes in dynamic widgets, you must configure the attributes in the dynamic widget configuration. For details, see Create a dynamic widget.

Note In all widgets, for data that has been removed or deleted, a indicator appears next to the widget's title. Click the indicator to view a pop-up window containing all deleted CIs and attributes.