Shared memory cache report (reportcache)

The shared memory cache report provides aggregated information about the shared memory cache.

The shared memory exist once on each host on which Service Manager runs, hence running a shared memory cache report on each host is required to get a full picture. For more information, see Special parameters: reportcache.

In the Service Manager RUN directory, run this command from the OS command prompt:

sm -reportcache

Example output:

09/06/16 18:13:09   pid (8220) HPE Service Manager diagnostic report follows:
---------------------- Cache Statistics      ----------------------

Slot use: 9%; Average Slot Depth: 1; Maximum Slot Depth: 3

The shared memory cache is organized as an array of slots containing a list of cached objects. A hash function determines which slot an object uses.

The Average and Maximum slot depths are important for the system performance.

If the average slot depth exceeds 20, you need to increase the number of slots by using the cache_slots parameter.