Map Toolbar

When information is displayed in a topology map format, the map toolbar is available in the left bottom corner of the screen.

To access

Click an existing CI or service model from the UCMDB Browser Dashboard page.

The map toolbar elements are described below:

UI Element (A–Z) Description
Full Screen. Changes the view to Full Screen.

Open quick navigation. Turns on the quick navigation map.

In the quick navigation map, the elements from the canvas are represented. You can drag and resize the selection in the map overview.

If the map is too large, a big overview of the map is available, which allows you to use the map overview navigator to jump directly to a particular part of the map.

A toggle button is available in the map to allow you to turn on/off the minimap. If the map is larger than 20 CIs, the state of the button is saved in your user preferences.

Fit to screen. Sets the display of the topology map to fit to the current screen.
1:1. Change the map topology view to 1:1 scale
Zoom out. Zooms out the map topology.
Zoom in. Zooms in the map topology

Change Layout. Displays the LAYOUT SETTINGS option menu.

  • General

    • Deactivate Re-Layout. This toggle buttons allows you to set if you want to deactivate re-layout.
    • Auto-fit to screen. This toggle button allows you to set if you want the layout to auto-fit the screen.

    • Layout: <option>. Select to use one of the following layout options:

      • Layers
      • Hierarchic:vertical
      • Hierarchic:horizontal
      • Organic
      • Circular
      • Directed Orthogonal

    • Group by: <VIEW Folding> Select to use one of the following grouping options:

      • VIEW Folding
      • CI Type
Export to SVG. Allows you to export the topology map in an SVG format.