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History Widget

The History widget is used to compare details about the selected CIs between different points in time. The comparison is based on the UCMDB History storage, and can present the following information:

  • Changes in attribute values.
  • Changes in connectivity between the selected CI and related CIs (due either to addition or deletion of links between CIs).
  • Creation of the CI in UCMDB.

The Selected tab displays historical changes for the selected CI only. The Model tab shows CIs related to the selected CI that have historical changes. Clicking one of the related CIs displays historical changes for that related CI.


  • Changes are compared between two points in time. Additional or multiple changes are neither counted nor presented. For example, the value of an attribute that changes on date X from value A to value B, and then on date Y from value B to value A, is not displayed as changed.
  • Dates presented in the History widget are displayed in the format defined in the user's default browser. Only changes after Jan. 1, 1970 are shown. If no changes were made on the selected CI between the two comparison dates, the message “No data available for History widget” is displayed.
  • For all historical comparison purposes, the snapshot time taken into account is the time that the CI was changed.

User preferences are saved per user according to the last user's selection:

  • The Compare mode (either Selected or Model mode, explained below)
  • The latest From and To dates for comparison