Release Highlights for OMi 10.62

Updated January 2018

This release of Operations Manager i (OMi) features the following new features and enhancements:

  • Run command line tools without manually entering credentials. You can now store your username, password, java keystore location, and java keystore password in an encrypted file, which is then accessed by OMi command line tools. This enables you to run commands without entering credentials manually each time.

  • Event Browser (HTML) enhancements. The Event Browser (HTML) has been enhanced to include the following new features:

    • Column dividers. You can add lines between the columns in the Event Browser (HTML) to better distinguish between the separate columns. You can modify this setting in the Options panel.
    • User based coloring. You can color the font color of an event row based on whether or not the event is assigned to you. You can modify this Highlight setting in the Options panel.
    • Severity based coloring. You can color the row of an event based on the event's severity. You can modify the intensity of the colors, and you can decide if you want to apply the coloring to all events, or only to some (events assigned to you, or unassigned events). You can modify this Row coloring setting in the Options panel.
    • Revert Options panel settings. In the Options panel, you can click Browser OptionsRevert at any point to revert the following settings: row coloring setting, displayed columns, and column sorting.
    • Editable fields in Event Details. You can edit some properties of the Event Browser (HTML) directly in the Event Details. For example, you can edit the Title, the Description, and the Solution of an event by clicking Edit in the Event Details.
  • New CLIs. OMi 10.62 comes with the following new CLIs, which enable CLI-based end-to-end policy management:

    • opr-template. The opr-template command-line interface enables you to edit policies outside of the OMi policy editor interface. With the tool, you can download a policy from OMi to a location in your file system, then edit the policy and upload it again.
    • opr-assign. The opr-assign command-line interface enables you to create, update, list, delete, disable and enable management template and aspect (automatic) assignments. You can create assignments for the latest version of an aspect or management template, or you can create an assignment for a specific aspect or management template version.
    • opr-config-tool. The opr-config-tool is described in the OMi documentation. With the opr-config-tool command-line interface, you can list, delete, update, and group templates, aspects and management templates. Additionally, you can now use the CLI tool to add templates to an aspect, and preview which new aspects and management templates would be created if the latest template versions were included.
  • HTML5 External Instructions, Custom Actions, and Event Processing Customizations. OMi 10.62 includes HTML5 implementation of the External Instructions, Custom Actions, and Event Processing Customizations screens. The new  layouts are not only elegant and intuitive but also provide better navigation.

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Getting Started with OMi 10.62

As the core of the Operations Bridge solution, OMi automatically discovers and correlates data, event topology and metrics for quicker and easier root-cause identification. It visually displays your business service and IT infrastructure health, and provides automated remedial action to quickly solve problems and improve operator efficiency and productivity.

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