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Common keyboard shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts to facilitate working with certain OMi user interfaces.

The following table lists common shortcuts of HTML5 OMi UIs. Each shortcut's functionality is specific to the listed UI context. Not all shortcuts might apply to all HTML5 UIs.

Note These shortcuts do not apply to Java-based UIs.

Keyboard shortcut Context Description
Enter Controls

Select or activate an UI control that is focused. For example, you can open the Edit Key Performance Indicator panel if the focus is on the Edit button.



Select or unselect a check button, or toggle an on/off switch.

Up Arrow or Down Arrow Radio buttons Switch the focus from one radio button to another.
Arrow keys  

Depending on the context, the arrow keys behave differently. In general, use the arrow keys to navigate between items of equal semantic in an intuitive way.

For example, when using the Top View component, use the keys to move from one CI to another.

Shift+Home or Shift+End

Text fields Select the complete text.