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Operations Console

This section covers the following topics:

  • Monitoring Dashboards

    This section describes how to create monitoring dashboards, which enable you to quickly assess the health of the environment and to identify areas that require your attention.

  • Tools

    This section provides information that helps you understand how to configure and manage the User Tools.

  • Custom Actions

    This section describes how to set up scripts to run custom actions on events. For example, you can add a text string to certain events to make them easier to identify in the Event Browser.

  • Run Book Mappings

    This section describes how to set up mappings between OMi CI types and HPE Operations Orchestration (OO) run books.

  • Performance Dashboard Mappings

    This section describes the Performance Dashboards Manager used to configure the mapping of CI types to available graph families.

  • View Mappings

    This section describes the View Mappings manager used to map existing Views to one or more configuration item types and manage the mapped views. The information provided aims to help you understand how to use the View Mappings manager to configure and manage views, and exchange them between servers.

  • External Instructions

    This section describes the External Instructions manager used to create and activate a groovy script that initiates the instruction retrieval from an external instruction text interface.

  • Event Browser options

    This section describes how to configure global defaults for Event Browsers.