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Setup and Maintenance

This section covers the following topics:

  • Connected Servers

    This section describes how to specify operations management servers, external event processing servers, and other OMi servers as event forwarding targets.

    Connected servers are used in conjunction with event forwarding rules to redirect selected events to specific event managers.

  • Content Packs

    This section introduces Content Packs in OMi. Details of available content packs are documented at the end of this section.

  • Monitored Nodes

    This section describes how to organize and manage monitored nodes, which are devices in your IT Infrastructure that are monitored by an HPE Operations Agent or HPE SiteScope.

  • Certificate Requests

    This section describes how to configure certificates, which Operations Management and other HPE BTO Software applications use to identify themselves and communicate securely with each other.

  • Server Deactivation

    This section provides information about how to disable one or more servers in the OMi deployment.

  • License Management

    This section describes how to update your OMi deployment with a new OMi license and to view the status of your current license.

  • Infrastructure Settings

    This section describes how to modify the value of many settings that determine how OMi and its applications run.

  • Audit Log

    This section describes how to keep track of different actions performed by users in the system, according to specific contexts.