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Command-Line Interfaces

This section describes command-line interfaces that are useful when managing Monitoring Automation configurations.

Syntax Conventions

The syntax descriptions in this section use the following conventions:



sample Specifies the name of the command or utility.
{ } Indicates a set of choices from which the user must choose one.
| Separates two mutually exclusive choices in a syntax line. Type one of these choices, not the symbol.
<arguments> Specify a variable name or other information you must provide, such as a path and file name.
... Indicates that you can type multiple arguments of the same type. Type only the information, not the ellipsis (...).
[ ] Indicates optional items. Type only the information within the brackets, not the brackets themselves.

Most command elements can be abbreviated. The option ‑force, for example, is listed in the syntax reference as {‑force|‑f}, meaning that either the fully qualified option ‑force, or the abbreviation ‑f may be used. For clarity, the abbreviations have been omitted from the command summaries and the examples, but they are included in the command reference.

Troubleshooting and Limitations

This section describes common problems that you may encounter when working with OMi's command-line interfaces.