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Work with dashboards

Dashboards give you an overview of the health of the environment in graphical form. The data updates in real time so that you are always presented with the most recent information. OMi provides the following dashboards by default:

  • Monitoring Dashboard. (Formerly known as Event Dashboard.) Monitoring Dashboards provide an at-a-glance overview of the events from the environment you are monitoring. Monitoring Dashboards enable you to quickly assess the health of the environment and identify areas that require your attention. For details, see Monitoring Dashboard.

  • 360°. This page provides a high-level overview of the status of CIs in a selected view. The page displays a hierarchy of CIs in a view, the KPIs assigned to each CI, and their KPI statuses. For details, see 360° View.

  • KPI Over Time. The KPI Over Time dashboard enables you to view the status or the value of selected KPIs and CIs over time. The report also lets you choose from a number of layouts to monitor statuses and values at a glance. For details, see KPI Over Time Dashboard.

  • ROI Dashboard. (Return on Investment.) The ROI Dashboard displays the proportion of events received by OMi that have been automatically handled against those that required intervention by operators. The higher the proportion of automatically handled events, the greater the contribution OMi is making to the management of your infrastructure. If the cost of manually handling a typical event is known, this value can be entered into OMi, based on which, the total cost saving achieved through OMi can be displayed. These statistics can be displayed for any specified time period within which OMi has been monitoring your IT environment. For details, see Return On Investment Dashboard.