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Use the Operations Console

  • Event Perspective. The Event Perspective page displays event-related information.

  • Health Perspective. The Health Perspective page displays topological information and health indicators related to the selected event. This display enables you to simultaneously see events from different perspectives and helps you to better understand complex relationships and dependencies.

    For example, you can view the following:

    • List of active events.

    • Topological view of the CI related to the selected event.

    • Health indicators assigned to the objects, their state and value.

  • Performance Perspective. Enables you to visualize performance metrics in the form of a performance dashboard. By default, OMi Performance Dashboard comprises out-of-the-box dashboards. In addition, you can also create and customize performance dashboards for the Configuration Items (CIs) that you are monitoring.

  • Discover OMi. Enables you to explore OMi step-by-step, following predefined paths and learning OMi features along the way. The map begins with an interactive tutorial. Each step offers built-in information as well as links to additional resources, for example, the related UI page, online help, or videos. Discover OMi tracks your progress so that you are aware of the areas you have already visited. Note that progress is stored locally, and that deleting browser cookies (or clicking Reset States within the map) will delete your progress.

  • OMi Health Status. The OMi Health Status page displays the health status information of the OMi deployment. To ensure efficient operations, OMi keeps track of the health of its components and reports problems so that you can take a corrective or preventive action.