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The RTSM (Run-time Service Model) is OMi's embedded, customized CMDB. It acts as the central repository for configuration information that is collected and updated from the various OMi data collection processes: OMi data collectors, the discovery process, and third-party data collectors and tools. The RTSM defines the relationships among infrastructure components, IT services, applications, and corresponding business services.

The RTSM sections describe how to administer the RTSM system and users, integrate RTSM with other data repositories, set up RTSM to discover network components, and manage the content of your IT Universe model.

Help for RTSM includes the following areas:

  • RTSM Administration. Explains how to administer the RTSM system and users.

  • RTSM Modeling. Enables you to manage the content of your IT Universe model.

  • RTSM Data Flow Management. Explains how to integrate RTSM with other data repositories, and how to set up RTSM to discover network components.

  • RTSM Developer Reference. For users with an advanced knowledge of RTSM; explains how to define and use adapters, and how to use APIs to access data.