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Use the Event Browser (HTML)

The Event Browser (HTML) displays an overview of the active events that exist in the IT environment you are monitoring. The details include, for example:

  • Date and time when the event occurred.

  • Host system (node) where the event occurred.

  • Application that caused the event.

  • Severity of the event.

  • The user responsible for solving the problem that caused the event, if assigned.

The information displayed by default is a small selection of the total information available about an event.

Selecting an event in the Event Browser (HTML) displays the event's properties in the Event Details pane and the Event Details (HTML) side panel (toggle the visibility of the Event Details (HTML) side panel by using the Show/Hide Event Details Pane Show Event Details button). You can also select multiple events to view shared properties, or execute actions for multiple events at the same time.

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