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Note The information described in this section does not apply to OMi in an Operations Bridge Suite container deployment. For information on this topic in a container environment, see the Operations Bridge Suite help.

This section introduces the concept of securing OMi and discusses the planning and architecture required to implement a secure OMi. It is strongly recommended that you read this section before proceeding to the following sections, which describe the actual hardening procedures.

The hardening guidelines deal with the configuration required to implement a more secure OMi. The hardening guidelines relate to both single-server (where all OMi components are installed on the same machine) and distributed (where all OMi components are installed on separate machines) deployments.

If the deployment includes HPE Operations Agent installations, consider hardening the agent system by restricting access from the OMi server to the agent system. For more information, see Restrict access rights.

The hardening information provided is intended primarily for OMi administrators, and for the technical operator of each component that is involved in the implementation of a secure OMi (for example, the web server). These people should familiarize themselves with the hardening settings and recommendations prior to beginning the hardening procedures.

Note In this document, the term reverse proxy also refers to load balancing in Layer 7 load balancing except for BBC channel reverse proxy configuration (see Configure BBC port 383 connection on reverse proxy).

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